Since 1993, we have helped thousands to obtain Maui tuxedo rentals for Junior Prom, Senior Ball, Military Ball, Quinceanera, weddings, formal events, and more!

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About us

since 1993

Myndi’s Finer Things Bridal Boutique is Maui’s longest running formal wear store to find wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses, Quinceanera dresses, tuxedos, and formal wear for your special event. 

Our selections have been used by many happy customers for weddings, junior prom, senior ball, military ball, graduation, and many other formal events. 

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Tuxedo Rental

Suit up in one of our black, white, dark grey, or tan tuxedos!


Come check out our selection of wedding and non-wedding dresses! Selection is limited, so stop by to see if your dress is here! Dresses are for purchase only.


Need measurements for a suit you plan to get off island? Come in and get measured in less than 10 minutes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is preferred. Please call us at 808-242-4417 during store hours or better yet, make an appointment on our website in the Appointments tab.

During prom season, appointments for tuxedos will not be required. We will indicate the dates on our website and on Google when prom appointments are not required and are permitted for walk-ins. 

Wedding dress appointments are always required. 

Yes, but we charge $15. 

Please note that tuxedos of different brands can fit differently. It is best that you get fitted by the place you intend to get your tuxedo from. 

At this time, no. We only have black, whit, tan, and ivory tuxedo colors. We are looking at obtaining blue tuxedo colors in the future. Make sure to get one of our many colors of vests and ties to substitute!

From time to time we do get them. Please note that these are meant for purchase and not for rent (our teenage and adult tuxedos are meant for rent). If they are in stock, ensure that you bring your child with you to try it on for sizing as these tuxedos are non-refundable. 

Per our pickup policy, we require that you come in the day before your event to pick up your tuxedo. This gives us time to work on your tuxedo and ensure it is hemmed, checked for any stains, and completely ironed. This is especially important during prom season as we have a high volume of tuxedos to work on.

On some occasions we may allow people to pick up their tuxedo earlier. There must be a good reason for us to allow this. 

If you are going on a trip and are taking our tuxedos with us, you will be asked to pay an additional fee. Please call us to inquire.

Usually we ask that you return all the items you rented from us (i.e. tuxedo coat, pants, long sleeved shirt, vest, tie, shoes, studs and cufflinks, and garment bag) the day after your event. 

Please refer to your rental form for the exact day you are to return your rental to us. 

We do charge late fees for every day you fail to return our rental to us. 

Any missing or damaged items will be charged to you.

Sorry, but we no longer allow this. We have been understanding of financial situations in the past however, there have been a small handful of people who still have not paid us for their rental and have not returned our tuxedos. 

For most events you are required to pay in full 2 weeks prior to your event. 

For prom, you are required to pay in full on the day you get measurements.

If we still have your size, then yes. We will be charging you a rush fee of $30 however (any rentals made 1 week before prom is charged a rush fee).

Yes there is a $30 charge to try on wedding dresses. If you find a dress you intend to buy from us, the $30 goes towards its price. 

Sorry, we are sold out.

No we do not. We do know someone who can help you with it though. Please call us so we can forward you to her. 

Please call 808-250-3443 as we do not answer calls to our store phone after store hours. 

Please be mindful of time however, and do not call between 7pm-7am.

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no appointments needed for prom, but recommended

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